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Strategic Facebook Marketing for Businesses (shared experience).

Below are some of the Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, (Shared Experiences)

1. Facebook Marketing Goals

– The goals / objectives have to directly address your biggest needs.

It mustn’t be a mere Facebook Campaign but every marketing campaign has to pursue certain goals and the goals have to be SMART. They mustn’t be unrealistic chasing vanity metrics like followers and likes
These goals are essential for evaluation of strategy effectiveness, future ad improvements upon existing strategy, edits, and referral point during sales meetings
Some of the common goals to pursue for effective face book marketing strategy implementation.
• Increase sales by 20% by year end (increase quality of sales)
• Increase website traffic
• Growth, product awareness
Shared experience
I have considered using either the Facebook Manager to pursue realistic goals on Facebook Marketing Campaigns.
Luckily Facebook categorised these objectives and it’s very essential to make smart decision based on company overall goals.
Facebook marketing objective categories
1. Awareness - to post your post, reach , brand awareness
2. Considerations – send people to your site, collect leads
3. Conversions – get people to claim your offer, increase conversions on your site, increase engagement.
When I started with TIA Marketing Solutions to promote my first web design service Ad Facebook Campaign – I decided to pursue the following goals
Considerations: Increase website traffic and product / service awareness – I had a sense of accomplishment when I managed to develop my first site. After Google Analytics study, I was very frustrated by the level of visits, interaction on my website. This became my first objective because I felt my site wasn’t saving its purpose at that point in time.
Conversions: Increase clientele base / sales (business development) – for every start up / small business, clientele base is a very realistic goal. At that point in time I needed sales to absorb incurred costs, to gain foot hold in the market, grow my portfolio, knowledge base, experience etc. I strongly believe also for every business sales is the ultimate goal.
Brand Awareness - this was and is still my long term objective. As a business owner one thing essential is the spread of your brand through word of mouth. People can share your content on facebook and other social media sites but to be recommended as preferred service provider / product supplier needs lot of investment in brand marketing through any means possible. Like Colgate, Cobra, Coca-Cola this can be achieved through consistent engagement with clients on social sites (facebook advertising) and other marketing strategies.

2.0. Set up saved Audience

There are million if not billion users on facebook scrolling feeds 24 hours a day. It then become very vital to sturdy demographics to know who you need to reach and how. On facebook business manager, one can create custom audiences on the basis of set parameters (age and gender, locations and income). This permits us as marketers and businesses to place ads on specified group of people so as to ensure that your niche content meets the right demographic.
Test marketing might be vital prior to paying for ads.
Shared experience
I with TIA Marketing Solutions have seen it essential to use Google Analytics statistics;-
• To select gender preference. In this scenario, it depends on the nature of your business.
• Inorder to market to audiences who are mostly visiting you website
• To also determine locations (radius or the sphere of influence for you facebook ad campaign)
You can also narrow your audience and exclude certain people.

2.1. Custom audience

Generate a detailed target audience for example from: -(1) customer email list (upload email list) (2) website traffic
Facebook can create target audience for you based on emails that you uploaded (people with profiles similar to the one provided by your email list)
Web traffic is very vital for retargeting eg target people who visited the web page but didn’t make the final purchase of an item, maybe those who empted the cart before making the final purchase.
The matching list of people provided by Facebook might be small. The detailed target audience for a Facebook marketing campaign can be extended thorough lookalike audience;- as it creates new audience of people who are similar to another audience eg lookalike audience of people who liked your page. Facebook creates a list of people who have the same or similar profile to your buyers. This offers a way to small businesses to find potential customers fast.

3. Content Strategy

- Great content writing and formats.
It’s vital to use a mix of different types of content on one ad campaign. Image based content, video based content, links to blogs content.
Ad quality is important – you don’t hve to be too specific or too broad. Facebook will charge you more per click. Moreover Facebook gives discounts on an advert with a relevant score.
the content has to be compelling, entertaining , or helpful to the targeted audience.
The content should have identity – (able to effectively showcase your product / service – save its purpose)
Should show a reward to client – it’s very strategic to run a Facebook ad campaign during promotional periods
Should provoke an action – a clear and precise call to action is best.
Its also vital to keep face book ad content fresh – so it is recommended to update and repurpose your ad content often to avoid sterility, increase engagement, impressions and click through rates.

4. Retargeting is indispensable.

With support of campany website, retargeting is must go campaign. This is where magic happens and is the most widely proven profitable form of online advertisement. Retargeting allow you to advertise to clients / people who visited your platform once before. This Facebook Ads Campaign Strategy is made possible by installing Facebook’s tracking pixel on your website

5. Page Call to Action

[Contact Now, Email Us, Call Now]. These buttons make it easy for customers to get in touch with your business.

6. Track and Analyse the Facebook Ads Campaign effectiveness.

This is possible using Facebook Analytics tools and its competitor analysis features. Measure how effective your efforts are, determine what’s working and what’s not, and make adjustments accordingly.

Tricks to get the best out of your Facebook ad campaign

I. Market your post to large audience (different locations) using a very small budget (say R30) to get a relative high amount of likes, post engagements.
II. Then remarket the same post in your area, to your target audience. Read More...

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